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Friday, March 8, 2013

On-going Spree / Preorder:

Love, Sweetie-Beauty Spree

9:00 AM

Friday, January 27, 2012

Instocks (Click to Enter)

ELF Spree#5 (Click to Enter)


Taiwan Spree (Click to Enter)

SUPER LOW Shipping Fee

Love, Sweetie-Beauty Spree

11:03 AM

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Please READ our Terms & Conditions before placing order

Hong Kong Spree#14 Closed!

New Dress & Jump Suit updated on 8 July 2012! ^^

Buy 5 Pieces to Enjoy $1 Off Per Piece!

Buy 10 Pieces to Enjoy $2 Off Per Piece!

Arrival duration: 2 to 4 weeks

All prices stated are inclusive Shipping & Handling Fee

Minimum Capping of 20 Pieces!

Order Format

Contact No:
Mode of Collection:
Address: (If you opt for postage)
Bank Type & Account No:

#1 Item Code:
Alt Colour: (In Case OOS)

#2 Item Code:
Alt Colour: (In Case OOS)

To confirm your order, please fill in my order format & send to sweetie-beautyspree@hotmail.com

Hong Kong Spree#14: 20/20 

Evelyn [Paid / $141.45] - Collected
- HH-403038D (Pink)
- HH-306288D (Blue)
- HH-1815073D (Blue)
- HH-111119D (Pink)
- HH-1818224D (Pink)
- HH-1816391D (Apricot)
- HH-1811001D (Rose Red)
- HH-128790D (White)
- HH-139039D (Black)
- AA-321094A (White)
- HH-1828261T (Red)

Jorene [Paid / $88.60] - Collected
- HH-268966D (Black)
- HH-1811009D (White)
- HH-1829332T (Black)
- HH-192668T (Black)
- HH-192798T (Rose Red)
- HH-132047D (Rose Red ; Size: L)
- HH-111419T (Pink)

Me [Auto Paid]
- HH-206850B (Size: M)
- HH-306281D (White)


Hong Kong Spree#13 Order : 24

Hui Lun [Paid / $64]
- HH-157762MP (Beige) - OOS
- HH-22118073P (Green)
- HH-222705P (Blue) - Restocking
- HH-22118063P (Black)

Evelyn [Paid / $99.60 ] - Collected
- HH-11961D (Green)
- HH-181446D (White)
- HH-227199D (Pink)
- HH-321088A (White)
- HH-182100T (Black - Size S) - Restocking
- HH-2686005T (Blue)
- HH-15464T (Black) - OOS
- *M*HH-126101P (Black)
- HH-39935-75B (Pink)

Jorene [Paid / $44.50] - Collected
- HH-1813541D (Black)

- HH-138053D (Rose Red)
- HH-128025T (Army Green)

Me [Auto Paid]
- HH-22118269D (Black)
- HH-369174T (Black - Size S)

Joan [Paid / $29.50] - Collected
- HH-228915P (Pink)
- HH-1818190D (Green)

Isabel [Paid / $36 w Meet-up at Raffles Place]
- HH-40541D (Black)
- HH-22628D (Black / Pink)

Xun [Paid / $31] - Collected
- HH-323200P (Grey / Black)
- HH-222725P (Beige / Red)

Hong Kong Spree#12 Order: 18

Caiqi [Paid / $15 w Meet-up for Payment] - Collected
- HH-363008T (White)

Me [Auto Paid]
- HH-36761B (Dark Grey)

Joan [Paid / $68.50] - Collected
- HH-2210713T (Grey)
- DD-128470T (Black)
- DD-128015T (Grey)
- HH-369069T (Green)
- HH-128706D (Black)

Evelyn [Paid / $65.40] - Collected
- HH-2210639D (Pink)
- HH-308283
D (Grey)
- AA-391119-75B (Red)
- HH-221082B (Black-White)
- HH-138037D (Black)
- HH-323200P (Black)

Jorene [Paid / $45.40] - Collected
- HH-121991D (Grey)
- HH-222772B (Black)
- *XL*HH-36820 (Black)
- HH-29007A (Brown)


Dress / Prom Dress / Maxi Dress

Item Code: HH-1818116D *With Necklace*

Material: Chiffon

Bust: 84cm Waist: 68cm Slash Width: 5cm Length:81cm

Price: SGD 18

Item Code: HH-139036D

Material: Polyester Cotton

Bust:82-86cm Waist: 76-84cm Shoulder Length: 37cm Length: 78cm

Price: SGD 17

Item Code: HH-41070D

Material: Chiffon + Polyester Cotton

Bust: 78-88cm Shoulder Length: 34-35cm Length: 80cm

Price: SGD 16

Item Code: HH-220259D

Material: Polyester Cotton

Bust: 70-100cm Length: 80cm

Color: White / Blue

Price: SGD 18

Item Code: HH-22118516D

Material: Polyester Cotton

Bust: 90-100cm  Waist: 70-80cm  Length: 85cm

Price: SGD 18

Item Code: HH-2230038D

Material: Polyester Cotton

Bust: 74-96cm  Length: 62cm

Price: SGD 20.50

Item Code: HH-2230019D

Material: Satin + Gauze

Bust: 70-86cm  Length: 70cm

Price: SGD 20

Item Code: HH-306281D

Material: Milk Silk

Bust: 62cm Waist: 60-86cm Slash Width: 5cm Length: 84cm

Color: White / Black

Price: SGD 17

Item Code: HH-306280D

Material: Milk Silk + Pure Polyester Cotton

Bust: 76cm Waist: 62-86cm Length: 73cm

Color: Black / White

Price: SGD 16

Item Code: HH-41082D

Material: Cotton Silk

Length: 78cm

Price: SGD 15

Item Code: HH-403038D

Bust: 82-90cm Waist: 64-76cm Length: 80cm Shoulder Length: 36-37cm

Price: SGD 16.50

Item Code: HH-1818306D

Material: Blend Polyester Cotton + Gauze

Bust: 74cm Waist: 66cm Length: 74cm Slash Width: 8cm

Color: Pink / White

Price: SGD 17

Item Code: HH-41037D

Material: Chiffon + lace

Bust: 84-90cm Waist: 62-88cn Shoulder Length: 37-38cm Length: 78cm

Price: SGD 16.50

Item Code: HH-306288D

Material: Lace + Satin

Bust: 84cm Waist: 68cm Shoulder Length: 30cm Length: 78cm

Color: Blue / Pink

Price: SGD 18

Item Code: HH-306275D

Material: Lace

Bust: 78cm Waist: 64-86cm Slash Width: 6cm  Length: 72cm

Color: Black / White

Price: SGD 17

Item Code: HH-1815073D

Material: Ice Silk

Bust: 76cm Waist: 62cm Slash Width: 9cm Length: 81cm

Color: Blue / White

Price: SGD 16

Item Code: HH-1818305D

Material: Elastic Polyester Cotton + Chiffon

Bust: 80cm Waist: 70cm Slash Width: 5cm  Length: 74cm

Color: Rice White

Price: SGD 16

Item Code: HH-40461D

Material: Polyester

Bust: 82cm - 90cm Length: 74cm

Price: SGD 18

Item Code: HH-40485D

Material: Milk Silk

Bust: 82cm - 90cm Length: 72cm

Price: SGD 17

Item Code: HH-138041D

Material: Polyester Cotton

Bust: 70 - 84cm Length: 70cm

Price: SGD 17.50

Item Code: HH-40466D

Material: Satin

Bust: 82cm - 90cm Length: 75cm

Color: Black / Cream

Price: SGD 18

Item Code: HH-1818155D

Material: Satin

Bust: 66 - 80cm Dress Length: 68cm Waist: 72cm

Color: Apricot / Rose Red

Price: SGD 17

Item Code: HH-308334D

Material: Polyester Cotton

Bust: 54 - 92cm Length: 81cm Waist: 52 - 100cm

Color: Grey

Price: SGD 16.50

Item Code: HH-128012D

Material: Milk Silk

Bust: 70cm - 84cm Length: 71cm(Including Slash Length)

Price: SGD 15.50

Item Code: HH-40541D

Material: Chiffon

Bust: 78-88cm Length: 75cm

Price: SGD 16

Item Code: HH-22118228D

Material: Skin + Gauze

Bust: 80-90cm Shoulder Length: 36cm Sleeve Length: 65cm Length: 80cm

Price: SGD 16

Item Code: HH-121998D

Material: Polyester + Gauze

Size S - Bust: 66 - 80cm Length: 62cm Waist: 60 - 72cm

Size M - Bust: 70 - 84cm Length: 64cm Waist: 62 - 74cm

Size L - Bust: 74 - 88cm Length:66cm Waist: 64 - 76cm

Price: SGD 21.50

Item Code: HH-22628D

Material: Cotton

Bust: 70-80cm Length: 75cm (Including straps, straps adjustable)

Color: Black / Pink

Price: SGD 17

Item Code: HH-228793D

Material: Mesh

Bust: 70-90cm Waist: 62-80cm Hip: 78-90cm

Color: Black

Price: SGD 16.50

Item Code: DD-22963D

Material: Chiffon + Cotton

Bust: 60-88cm Length: 94cm

Price: SGD 17


Blouse / Top

Item Code: HH-1887973T

Material: Chiffon

Bust: 96cm Slash Width: 13cm Length: 60cm

Color: Green / Red / Rice White

Price: SGD 16

Item Code: HH-11971T

Material: Elastic Chiffon

Bust: 90cm Waist: 70cm Length: 68cm

Color: White / Red

Price: SGD 17

Item Code: HH-222777T

Material: Chiffon

Bust: 90cm Shoulder Length: 38cm Sleeve Length: 55 Length: 70cm

Color: Black / Apricot

Price: SGD 17


Pants / Jumper Suit

Item Code: HH-1895229P

Material: Elastic Polyester Cotton

Bust: 78cm Waist :56-80cm Length: 79cm

Color: Pink / Black

Price: SGD 19

Item Code: HH-323200P

Material: Polyester

Length: 68cm Waist: 60 - 80cm

Color: Black / Grey

Price: SGD 13

Item Code: HH-222725P

Material: Chiffon

Bust: 90cm Waist: 80cm Length: 8ocm

Colour: Beige / Red

Price: SGD 18


Jacket / Blazer / Cardigan

Item Code: HH-222798B

Material: Polyester Cotton

Bust: 90cm Shoulder Length: 40cm Sleeve Length: 57cm Length: 50cm

Color: Black / White

Price: SGD 24

Item Code: HH-22118257B

Material: Polyester Cotton

Bust: 80cm Shoulder Length: 32cm Sleeve Length: 65cm Length: 50cm

Color: Black / White

Price: SGD 21

Item Code: HH-11876B

Material: Knitting

Bust: 86cm Shoulder Length: 38cm Length: 55cm Sleeve Length: 57cm

Colour: Black / Apricot

Price: SGD 17

Item Code: HH-138017B

Material: Tweed + Silk-like Lining

Bust: 90cm Shoulder Length: 38cm Sleeve Length: 61cm Length: 56cm

Colour: Khaki / Black

Price: SGD 22

Item Code: HH-11800J

Material: Polyester Cotton

Bust:86cm Length:37cm Sleeve Length:60cm

Price: SGD 17

Item Code: DD-210084B

Size M - Bust: 93cm Length: 55cm Sleeve Length: 59cm Shoulder Width: 38cm

Material: Polyester Cotton

Price: SGD 20

Love, Sweetie-Beauty Spree

11:00 AM

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♥ About Me...
Owner: Jovi

Age: 18


Contact No: 9823 3524 [For SMS ONLY]

- Reply for Fast Deal ONLY (No Enquiries)
[Fill in my order format & send sms to me]

- If you send sms for enquiries, will reply via email =D

- Please include your name & email in sms. ^^
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Sweetie-Beauty Spree was Born on 8th June 2008!

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- Eye Shimmer: $1+

- Nu-Bra: $20

- Apparels Instock: $16

- PG Mall Pouch: $6

- NRWZD Products

- ELF Cosmetics: $4

- Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream: $25

*On-going Taiwan Spree*

Betwo#8 - 4/10 [Ladies' Shoes & Apparels]

E-Fashion#4 - 3/10 [Ladies' Shoes & Apparels]

PG Mall#16 - 1/10 [Ladies' Bags]

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Hong Kong Spree#14 - 20/20 [Closed]

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ELF Spree#5 - 40/USD 75 [Closed]

6 Feb - Order sent! ^^
7 Feb - Payment made! ^^
7 Mar - Parcel sent! ^^
12 Mar - Parcel Arrived! ^^

♥ Terms & Conditions

1. No Payment = No Order + Blacklist

2. DEAD Buyer & Back Out Order = Blacklist

3. ONCE Order Send in = Confirm Order

4. No changing of orders once you've posted!

5. All items would be distributed BY:

-MEETING at my convenience
-Normal Postage
-Register Mail

( Do not join if you're not comfortable with that )

6. Please make payment within 3 days after sending order.

7. We would NOT be responsible for any mistakes/monetary losses caused by seller but we would try my best to ensure that we get the right order.

8. If items are OOS, FULL refund will be made

9. If I get scammed, I will refund the profit I have earned.




Last Update on 4 Sept 09 10.23am

♥ Payment Mode

- ATM/I-Banking Transfer
- Meet-up at Bukit Batok Mrt Station - 50¢
- Concealed Cash[At Your Own Risk]

My Bank Account: POSB Savings 063-42243-6

♥ Collection Mode

Meet-up at Mrt Station

@ Bukit Batok Mrt Station - FOC[Mass Meet-up ONLY] / $1
@ Bukit Gombak to Woodlands - $3
@ Admiralty to Dhoby Ghaut - $4
@ Jurong East to Raffles Place - $3
@ Cityhall to Pasir Ris - $4
@ Harbourfront to Hougang - $5

*Time & Date will be arrange by me. =)*

Normal Mail

[Top / Legging / Belt / Skirt]

1 Item - $1.50
2 Items - $2
3 Items - $2.50
4 Items - $3
5 Items - $3.50
> 5 Items - Postage fee will be advice

[Jacket / Pant / Dress]

1 Item - $2
2 Items - $3
3 Items - $4
>3 Items - Postage fee will be advice

[Bag(Cannot fit A4 paper) / Shoes(Flat)]

1 Item - $2.50
2 Items - $4
>2 Items - Postage fee will be advice

[Denim Material Items / Bag(Fit A4 paper) / Shoes(Heels/Boots)]

1 Item - $3
2 Items - $4.50
>2 Items - Postage fee will be advice

I DO NOT hold responsible for lost and damage items through normal mail.

Registered Mail: [Strongly encourage]
Add $2.25 on top of normal postage fee

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1. Carine

Hi! i ordered from here previously and the service is reaaall sweet. haha. keep it up! (:

2. Yu Xuan

i got my things within a few days time and the owner is friendly

3. Helly

Hello! she's a good & patience owner. Thanks for waiting 15mins :D!

4. Wendii

Sorry for the late feedback.I received the items! :D It's packed in a very cute envelope <3 Thanks for your friendly and patient help Will come back^^

5. Rina

I received my parcel today. Thank you very much!

6. Snow

fuss free and efficient! (:

7. Michx3

Hey! I received the eye shimmers a few days ago. they are great ! :D

8. Yao Qii

hellos , ii receive my item , tht was fast ehh ? as ii juz order ytd , hmm , fast and qudd service , keep it up .(;

9. Xiao Zhu

wow...my dress arrived berry fast!and i agree that the owner is friendly^^

10. Delphine

thanks. my jacket has arrived.

11. Cindy

Hi, have receive my item, thanx =), reliable and nice blogowner =)

12. Areen

you're a honesty person!!!!=)

13. Brenda(:!!!!=)

Thanks, your service is really good. (:!!!!=)

14. AhJas

Hey sweetie, i had recieved the item i ordered, thanks alot. Its my pleasure to deal w/ you.(:!!!!=)


Nice and friendly seller! Replies my message fast and my item was in good condition! Recommended! (:

16. Queeny

hi i received the bra clip already :D thanks for the fast deal .

17. Jamie(:

received my wallet today.good services 10/10

18. Yivon

Hihi, recieved the eye shimmers already, and erm, ur handwriting is really nice

19. Jie Yi

Hi!!! I received my bra clip yesterday when i ordered it just 2-3 days ago!!! Really fast service and friendly owner!! Keep it up!!

20. Celia

hey, thanks for yurs good service! ii received my goods 2 days after my payment which is pretty fast! somemore ue are friendly dats great!

21. Michelle

hellos , i received thh item .CS was real good (: thanks . &&will shop from you agn !

22. B-renda

Doesn't scams. Very nice & friendly blogshop owner.Recommended. Will definitely buy from her over and over again. ^^

23. Joann Oh

Hello..i have received my item..nice piece..thanks alot for your excellent service..

24. Joanne

indeed a good service, they made the effort to come all the way down to tampines. BIG APPRECIATE. shall get something from you again. keep it up (Y)

25. Marissa

Thanks I've received the items :)

26. Jolyn

received items in perfect conditions, very prompt and reliable seller! thanks!

27. Sandy

recieved my items two days back. reliable and efficient (:

28. Estee

hi, i received my item. thanks a lot! it's fast. (:

29. Valencia

Thanks lots ! I had recieved my items . will definitely shop from you again ! :D

30. Belle

Very nice and friendly owner . Fast and efficient !:) will support her again

31. Ann Ling

Thanks alot for the wonderful apparels(from Maymaylu) and the thumbs up service! :D

32. Christina

HELLO!! thank you so much for ur quick replies and i've recieve the white n brown shimmers!! i love it~ will definitely come back again soon;) xoxo~

33. Alicia

Hi! I received my budinsea items on tuesday and it was all in perfect condition. Will definitely order from you again :)

34. Dyy

Received my pg mall bags in perfect condition, the service of the blog is 10/10 *thumb up*

35. Winter

received my budinsea&pgmall items and they are in good condition. thanks! you're v. polite despite me changing my orders constantly. THANKS!

36. Hui Min

HELLO received the dress ytd thanks so much!

37. Shirley

Good service (Y)

38. Alicia

Received my item from maymaylu spree today. Thanks, will buy from u again once O's over :)

39. Geok Xing

Received my items from maymaylu spree(: Thankyou! Will come again[:

40. Hui Jun

Items received! thanks! will come again :)

41. Kristy

hi, received the item from skyblue..very nice....

42. Desiree

Received my bag from skyblue spree this morning! Love it! Will purchase from you agn~ :D

43. Ry

I've received my packages and they are in good condition. Thanks alot!:D

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